At Eagleworld – The National Park of Eagles

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Tickets are sold in the main buildings and by our ticketing house. After entering the gates to Eagleworld, you will find a parking lot from where you walk right past the ticketing house. We always open 1 hour in advance of the falconry display. All visitors must check in here, before being allowed further entrance.

We open the gates to Eagleworld, and to our café, shop and our exhibition, approximately 1 hour prior to the falconry display itself. We strongly advice that visitors show up in good time to avoid rush when getting seated for the display.

Yes, you are allowed to take pictures.* Remember always to take pictures without flash!
If you wish to use tripods / special photography equipment / very long lenses etc., ask the employees at the Information desk in the shop and café, before setting up your gear by the outdoor display and seating area.

*All pictures are allowed only for personal use!

The falconry displays at Eagleworld are held outside, lasting approximately 1 hour. All audiences will be seated during the display. Important: Remember to dress according to the weather – rain coats, umbrellas etc. We do not cancel our displays due to bad weather, however in cases of extremities such as snow storm, hurricane or flooding, exceptions can occur.

If you have a Smartbox gift certificate, simply bring it along to the ticketing house  (important: bring the actual Smartbox-case). Remember activating the code from home. It is not necessary to call us and order – just show up. Check our opening hours here.

Eagleworld does not provide free access for care attendants or the like. You can however contact the Danish municipality you are affiliated with (Borgerservice) and potentially have your expenses covered. If you wish doing this after visiting, remember to keep your receipt.

We have special, advantageous prices for retirees above the age of 65. For further info see our prices.

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- a unique experience, nowhere else to be found.

Are you looking for a unique and breathtaking experience? Have an up-close encounter with the unmatched lords of the sky – the great eagles. At Eagleworld you will experience the impressive animals at closest proximity. Our highly skilled falconers will present the magnificent abilities possessed only by birds of prey, and both grounded and even mounted on horseback they'll set the scene that allows you to enjoy the majestic raptors amidst beautiful, open nature.

It can be both an intruiging and unforgettably grand experience, as quite fittingly described by journalist Michael Solgaard of BT:

“Right in front of us is displayed the ultimate freedom, that we earthbound humans sadly will have to accept only ever dreaming of.”

Experience a Historical Rush of Wings

The story of Eagleworld stretches back more than 40 years, with its founding done by Frank Wenzel, who still today remains a true pioneer within the field of raising awareness about birds of prey, and the hunting art of being a falconer. He scientifically researched the life of birds, with raptors as his main focus, and has notably contributed to the fact that hunting with falcons yet again is legal in Denmark, after 50 years of being on hold.
Frank Wenzel was furthermore a renowned nature photographer, which played its important part in his knowledgable conveying of information, supporting the cause of birds of prey – all adding to his great recognition and breakthrough with the place.
Today, Frank Wenzels son Peter Wenzel, runs Eagleworld.
He does this with both a respect for proud traditions as well adding a series of creative and ingenious ideas, that allows Eagleworld to give both recurring and new visitors great experiences and renewed knowledge.

There are heaps of fascinating things to learn here with us, and we often accept both private groups and arrangements of all sizes, school excursions and the like. If you are interested in seeing our falconry displays and if you should have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Buy tickets and gift cards online here

Buy tickets and gift cards online here