Team Eagleworld

Team Eagleworld

Team Eagleworld – in service of the birds

Eagleworld is run by a skilled core of falconers and other employees, doing a long line of varying tasks in relations to the daily keeping and training of the birds as well as spreading knowledge about the important cause. Besides the regular employees, Team Eagleworld is supplemented by several part time and youth employees, lending a hand. Eagleworld thereby switches between having 2-8 employees depending on the given season.

Modern methods with proud traditions

Eagleworld has long been an important part of the international enlightenment surrounding birds of prey. Particularly the founder, Frank Wenzel, has meant that Eagleworld have been able to introduce the intruiging world of birds of prey, to guests from across the globe. Now Team Eagleworld is led by Peter Frank Wenzel, who also has ambitions of conveying knowledge about the conservations and protection of birds of prey, in entirely new ways.
The development and modern progresses are also seen in the methods of training employed by the team. A part of the proud traditions at Eagleworld is our mounted falconry, but now also drones and GPS systems are used for the birds of prey. This development along with new technological advances have made the training of the birds even better and the experiences of guests continue to become even more grand.

Do you want to see Team Eagleworld in action?

Our skilled falconers gladly show off the result of their daily work and many hours of training during the displays of a season. If you want to experience the impressive birds of prey in natural surrounding, you can order your ticket online here. You can naturally also buy your tickets upon arriving at Eagleworld. If you have any questions you can naturally also contact us.
If you want to be a part of Team Eagleworld, you are always welcome to send us an open application. We occasionally advertise our job openings – you can find them here.

Opening hours

Get an overview of the season's exhibitions as well as the park's opening hours here

Opening hours in Eagleworld


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