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The story of frank wenzel

A true pioneer in the field of birds of prey in Denmark – is how Frank Wenzel is best described, whose importance for the conveying of knowledge about eagles and other birds of prey is impossible neglect. This is the story of a man – originally born in the former Germany, now Poland – with a lifelong interest that made him a frontrunner for the reinstatement of Danish falconry tradition, following a break of 50 years. He achieved this by enlightening and teaching an entire nation about birds of prey; Frank Wenzel's driving force and passion throughout his carreer.

A Lifelong Interest in Birds of Prey
Already at 14 years old, Frank Wenzel's knowledge in his field surpassed that of most others. He therefore at this early age published his first book “Musvågen” (The Buzzard), that later went on to be used for educational purposes. His fascination of birds of prey developed and his knowing of the field became extensive. Frank Wenzel went at the age of 20 into the apprenticeship as a falconer under the former president of the German falconry association. Besides from this, he was a professional wildlife photographer – two abilities that were easily and often combined, and turned into pictures and documentation, that arose international interests and helped turn out the. at the time existing, negative attitude towards bird of prey.

For more than 40 years since then, Frank Wenzel founded and led Eagleworld, that in its beginning was thought to function as a sanctuary for the birds of prey, which was the reason that it started out with no admission for visitors. Later on he decided on opening the nature reserve for guests, and began doing displays that demonstrated the magnificent flying abilities and unique personalities found in birds of prey, with a passionate deliverance of information that never before existed in Denmark. He also brought foreign species of birds into the reserve, that had been poached and exposed to attacks with poison by those working against the cause of free birds of prey. The foreign birds helped to complete the spreading of awareness and greatly enriched the experience of many satisfied visitors.

Eagleworld after Frank Wenzel
Sadly, Frank Wenzel passed away much too soon, at the age of 77, and Eagleworld had to say its farewells with its founder and a true pioneer in spreading awareness about birds of prey and about the hunting art of falconry. Fortunately, he was able to pass on his life's work to his youngest son, Peter Frank Wenzel, who today has taken upon himself to carry on the reserve and its cause, with a great respect for the life of birds of prey, and for the traditions that have been kept alive in his craft for more than 5.000 years, since it in its dawning times was invented by man on the high steppes of Asia. It is today a highly organic form of hunting, that arises in the close cooperation between animal and man. New technologies and facilities and even newly developed methods for training, have been part of Peter Wenzel's focus, using both four wheel drives, GPS systems and drones in his work, besides of course his mastering of the very challenging and historically classic disciplin of horseback mounted falconry.

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