Café Margrethe

Café Margrethe

Café Margrethe serves coffee, tea, cocoa, cappucinos and more.

Besides hot drinks we also sell chocolate, cake, sweets and soft drinks. If you are ordering for larger groups of people, we ask that you book at least one week in advance.

The group can be served with ordered in cake from our local bakery, or various topped, open ryebread sandwiches (Danish smørrebrød).
Email: or call us at +4598932031


When the hot chocolate, latte or coffee etc. has been poured, you can take it with you outside onto the bleachers and enjoy the falconry display, or take it with you home – we will provide you with lids and a practical cup holder.
Our coffee is always 100% Arabica from freshly ground whole beans and has a round and solid, quality taste.

Apart from serving coffee and cake, Café Margrethe also sells delicate gift ideas and edible goods from the company Almuegaarden.    

Our café is both cosy and has a quaint, theme-fitting interior. Coffees and lattes etc. are of top quality from the super modern Italian brewer Carimali, and is always served with organic milk – and it is truly delicious. It is from 2018 possible to bring everything with you onto the bleachers or back home in the car, in a recycling friendly carrier tray. On cold days you can sink into the soft chairs by the fire place and enjoy the warmth inside, perhaps while enjoying some Belgian chocolate cake or a chewy, chocolate chip cookie that fits just right along side tea, coffee or hot cocoa.

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