1962 - 1989

1962: Following 200 years of absence, Frank Wenzel becomes the front runner of reviving falconry in the Nordic countries, this using two Saker Falcons to successfully prove his point.

1974: Frank Wenzel's youngest son Peter, who today runs Eagleworld, is born.

1979: A donation is received from the King of Saudi Arabia.

1980: The wandering exhibition “Nordens Rovfugle” (Birds of Prey in the North) returns from touring the Danish libraries.

1980: Eagleworld opens its exhibition and starts up 'Ørnereservat' (Eagle Reserve) as a trial.
The first year a few hundred visitors came – later the name changes to “Ørnereservatet” (Eng. Eagleworld), and is at this point the only of its kind found world wide. The name “Ørnereservat” is used for the first time in Denmark in 1985 in the book of the same name.
This means that today, Ørnereservatet is a trademark company.

1982: The Axel Lind Culture foundation awards a prize “For an pioneering work in ornithology”.

1986: The Axel Lind Culture foundation awards the prize: “Knights of Eagleworld”.

1989: Handelsbanken/Den Danske Banks national exhibition revolving Eagleworld runs for 2 years.



1990: Ten year anniversary. The opening of a new exhibition hall. Concert featuring the world famous pianist Nina Kavtaradze. Another prize received from the Axel Lind Culture Foundation.

1992: Eagleworld is awarded with 'Prize of the Year' by Hirtshals muncipality.

1992: A new record of visitors – approximately 75.000 people visit Eagleworld.

1992: Eagleworld gains the legally required “Zoo Status”.

1993: The Government Department of Environments and Planning has their board visit 24th of March.

1994: Eagleworld is included under the new law of Hunting and Wildlife Control.

1997: Eagleworld is included under the new law of Hunting and Wildlife Control.

1997: Eagleworld is awarded with another prize by the Axel Lind Culture Foundation. “An Ornithologist amongst Eagles”.

1998: Ambassadors from 80 countries visit Eagleworld.

1999: This years falconry displays present a true sensation; three North-Atlantic Sea Eagles fly simultaneously before the audiences..

1999: Bear Heart, the spiritual leader, shaman and medicin man of the North American native tribe Muskogee Creek Indians, visit Eagleworld.



2000: Seven Golden Eagle chicks hatches at Eagleworld.

2000: Eagleworld celebrates its 20 year anniversary.

2001: Eagleworld opens up its new and specially designed aviaries for falcons.

2001: Another North-Atlantic Sea Eagle hatches at Eagleworld.

2002: Eagleworld opens up new and specially designed aviaries for eagles.

2002: For three months Eagleworld is featured in TV2's weather forecast advertising spot, 12 times a day.

2002: In a letter to Frank Wenzel, the Danish Minister of Environments, Hans Chr. Schmidt, honors the falconer for his respectable work with the state. The minister recognises falconry as a “new” and exciting form of huning with important, cultural and historical aspects.

2002: A new exhibition about the Pererine Falcon opens.

2002: Two international prizes are awarded to Eagleworld.dk

2003: Yet another North-Atlantic Sea Eagle hatches at Eagleworld.

2003: Eagleworld gains a new concept: The Nordic Cultural Centre for Birds of Prey.

2003/04: A new and grand exhibitions featuring the Goshawk opens.

2003: The Eagleworld.dk home page has a new web layout.

2004: Eagleworld rises the gates of a new opening portal.

2004: Classic mounted falconry with horse and rider is introduced at Eagleworld as the only place in Northern Europe.

2004: Eagleworld gains two new American Bald Eagles.

2004: Eagleworld engages in a cooperation with Danish-Indian Society, where a focus on the native culture and the importance of the American eagles.

2004: A giant three year project of building brand new eagle- and falcon-boxes for all of Eagleworld's birds is finally completed.

2005: The year begin by announcing a big webcam-project. Peregrine Falcons, Gyrfalcons and Sea Eagles are online!

2005: Diasshows running on big plasma screens are mounted in the exibition.

2005: Another North-Atlantic Sea Eagle hatches at Eagleworld.

2005: Eagleworld celebrates its 25 year anniversary.

2005: Eagleworld adds a Bonelli's Eagle; one of the world's rarest species of eagles.

2005: A newsletter with the history of Eagleworld is publiced.

2006: Eagleworld gains two gaint Steller's Sea Eagles, coming all the way from Kamchatka. The species is the largest eagle in the world. Besides these, the reserve also adds an Imperial Eagle and a Great Grey Owl. From our own breeding another two North-Atlantic Sea Eagles hatch.

2006: A new and modernized frontpage using flash with movies and several advances services such as SMS and RSS-feed is launched at Eagleworld.dk

2006: New bleachers for seating is added for the audience.

2006: You can now buy your tickets online at www.eagleworldshop.dk. The online sales on the webpage sees its breakthrough.

2007: Several new state official road signs leading directions to Eagleworld are placed, some in Tversted.

2007: A new exhibition focusing on the North-Atlantic Sea Eagles/White-Tailed Sea Eagles is opened.

2007: Several new eagles are presented during the spring.

2007: Eagleworld now has four Steller's Sea Eagles.

2008: Eagleworld gets a new website. The fifth of its kind, since Eagleworld entered cyberspace.

2008: A new exhibition featuring the Golden Eagle opens.

2008: A large selection of Frank Wenzels published books are made available for free download via the website as PDF-files.

2009: Eagleworld.dk is preparing for the future; Facebook, Youtube, Iphone etc. A number of movies and footages, old as new are publiced.

2009: The Bearded Vulture lands at Eagleworld.

2009: Eagleworld partakes in an international film project revolving the White-Tailed Sea Eagles.

2009: A new exhibition about the North-Atlantic/White-Tailed Sea Eagles and their nesting locations, opens in Norway.

2009: Four new Sea Eagle chicks comes to life at Eagleworld.

2009: A new YouTube-record is made with more than 100.000 views (1st of May) on our dramatical upload about the Steller's Sea Eagle.

2010: The flying dragon of the Himalayas and Tibet, the Bearded Vulture, has now completed its training.

2010: Verreaux's Eagle is added to Eagleworld.

2010: Kongernes Jagtfalke (The Gyrfalcons of Kings) is a new book by Frank Wenzel. No animal have had as great a historical and political influence in Denmark, as the Gyrfalcon. This is why Frank Wenzel publishes a book about this elegant and highly effective predator.

2010: Falconry is accepted by UNESCO as a Living World Cultural Heritage. This is an incredibly positive new turnout, to see the concern for preservation of falconry is now taken seriously. Eagleworld at Skagen and Falkonergården in Fredensborg, have been the first and remain the primary contributors in Denmark, as we as the only professional establishments have held the cultural history and heritage alive by always providing informative lectures and spreading awareness of the hunting art of falconry through millenias, to more than 2 million visitors through 30 years.



2011: A new book by Frank Wenzel is published: “Stormen in Vingerne” (Wings of the Storm/A Storm in the Wings) is a memoir by the founder and owner of Eagleworld, Frank Wenzel, about his life in unity with wild nature and his beloved birds of prey. It is a book that teaches us to pay and treat nature with respect. About knowing, that you will never gain any true knowledge unless you enter their world, on their terms.

2011: Four new exhibitions about the Golden Eagle, North-Atlantic/White-Tailed Sea Eagle and Gyrfalcon and UNESCO opens at Eagleworld.

2011: Eagleworld's video footage is downloaded world wide more than 730.000 times.

2012: Eagleworld's videos have been viewed more than 1,2 million times on Youtube.

2012: A babyboom at Eagleworld; never before has this many falcons hatched with us. More than 20 chicks see the light of day.

2013: Eagleworld is featured in the music video of world famous singer/songwriter “MØ”, that receives way more than 1 million views and counting.

2013: A new area of the exhibition is built below the iconic “Eagletower”.

2014: A new exhibition featuring the language of the birds of prey, is in its making.

2014: A short film about Eagleworld is on its way – published in the spring of 2014.

2014: A new webshop is added: A new and advance webshop opens, with a second concept introduced for mobile phones.

2014: A new wheelchair-friendly front area and facilities are introduced to accommodate guests with disabilities.

2015: The website is advanced for Eagleworld with special access to social media.

2015: An exhibition revolving the flight of birds of prey is on its way.

2015: Founder of Eagleworld Frank Wenzel lived and died surrounded by birds and family her at his base by the dunes and the Western Sea. His life was indeed like the Western Wind, at times rough and crass, but also filled with power and energy.
With his rare insight into nature and a lifelong passion for birds of prey, he created something entirely unique that now lives on in the very soul of the place. His self however, have now flown towards higher reaches, with the storm in his wings and a course set soaring into the great sky, where we are certain he becomes one with the natural force he spent a life cultivating and honoring, for his beloved birds of prey.

2015: Eagleworld is passed on to Peter Frank Wenzel, the youngest Frank Wenzels children.

2016: Eagleworld opens its season with a completely remarkable exhibition about the ancient birds of evolution, that depicts the clear relations between dinosaurs and modern birds.

2017: A new horse arrives; The Friesian with the name “Sleipner” - of the Nordic mythology, Odins black stallion. Sleipner has in mythology 8 legs and runs like the wind, both on ground and through the air. The name is thereby, considering the two-legged falconer and the two-legged and winged bird, as fitting as it gets for Eagleworld.

2018: A new webshop makes it easier to order tickets online.

2018: As something new children are now able to join in on preparing the feed for our eagles and falcons here at Eagleworld. You can witness how we as falconers prepare roe deer, hares and pheasants for the birds.

2018: A new exhibition displaying what happens here after opening hours and two new 'info caves', is introduced.

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