Practical info

Practical info

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Tickets are sold by the main buildings and by our ticketing house. After entering the gates to Eagleworld, you will find a parking lot from where you walk right past the ticketing house. We always open 1 hour in advance. All visitors must check in here, before being allowed further entrance.

We open the gates to Eagleworld, and to our café, shop and our new exhibition, approximately 1 hour prior to the falconry display itself. We strongly advice that visitors show up in good time, to avoid any rush when getting seated for the display.

Our exhibition, shop and café are open for half an hour after the falconry display ends.

The falconry displays at Eagleworld are held outside, lasting approximately 1 hour. All audiences will be seated during the display. Important: Remember to dress according to the weather – rain coats, umbrellas etc. We do not cancel our displays due to bad weather, however in cases of extremities such as snow storm, hurricane or flooding, exceptions can occur.

If you have ordered your tickets online print out the email you were sent from us and bring or show it to us on your QR code on smartphone or tablet upon arrival. Show concern for nature; save paper by showing us the email with your ticket/order number on your smartphone or tablet.

You receive the ticket instantly by ordering online. Tickets are usable for one display only. Kindly have QR CODE ready at the ticketing house. Order here

ALWAYS REMEMBER to check in at the ticketing house! You are not allowed to walk straight inside even though you already paid online. Online orders are not a pass to skip the line. 

Yes, you are allowed to take pictures.* Remember always to take pictures without flash!
If you wish to use tripods / special photography equipment / very long lenses etc., ask the employees at the Information desk in the shop and café, before setting up your gear by the outdoor display and seating area.

*All pictures are allowed for personal use only!

No, this is not possible when buying in the ticket house. Only possible with ticket online! Because of this, we recommend arriving in good time. We open our gates 1 hour prior to the falconry display. You can however buy tickets online (NB: online orders does not give you the right to skip the line)

No, we have seating for almost 1000 guests per falconry display. BUT Please order ticket online to get a seat! During the summer holidays the line can grow long at the entrance and main road – we therefore strongly advice arriving in good times advance. NB: Remember to obey the national rules of traffic and keep a clean culture when parked or standing in line. Kindly use our many parking spaces and do not leave your car along the side of the roads.

No, we do not offer refunds on bought tickets, so in the case of you not using the tickets, or having to leave during the program of a display, you will not receive a refund.

According to the Danish law “Lov om visse forbrugeraftaler § 17 stk. 2 jf. 9 stk. 2 nr. 2A" the purchasing of tickets are NOT included by the right of returns. Unfortunately we therefore do not refund tickets. HOWEVER valid online tickets can be used for an entire year's season, and the ticket is free to be given to a friend or family member who can use it instead.

Remember that dogs and other pets not are allowed during the falconry display!

You can get fresh water in our café for all dog owners and we do have parking spaces that provide shade under the trees as well – ask in the ticketing house or at the information desk in our shop and café. NB: dogs can be walked before and after the display on the parking lot. Please bring and use your own poo-bags!

We have one at the main gates, two on the parking lot, one at the ticketing house and several placed in the café and around the bleachers outside where the display takes place. ALWAYS use the trash cans and obstain from littering in nature!

We open the gates to Eagleworld, and to our café, shop and our new exhibition, approximately 1 hour prior to the falconry display itself. We strongly advice that visitors show up in good time, to avoid any rush when getting seated for the display.

REMEMBER: Put your phone on flight mode! This will easily prevent it from ringing or making disturbing noises during the display. Turn off all other electronic equipment that has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data connections etc., that you won't be using during the displays, as our audio system can get affected and disturb the course of the program. This ensures a better experience for other guests and yourself. THANK YOU!

Yes. We provide free Wi-Fi for our guests here at Eagleworld. Please contact staff if you want access

It is possible to get around with a wheelchair at Eagleworld. In our café you can borrow a wheel chair that we provide free of charge. If you want to borrow a wheelchair we advice calling in advance to book it for the day you plan to visit.

Ladies, mens and handicap restrooms and a changing board for toddlers, are found in the main building, approximately 50 metres to the right when facing the information desk and shop.

Did you forget or lose anyting at Eagleworld, we'll take a look and send it to you, noting that you must pay the standard shipping costs and write us with a thorough description in an email.

TAXI Rasmussen Else
Bindslev +45 98 93 88 03

TAXI Mogens Bang
Bindslev +45 30 70 86 81

TAXI Jan Godi Jensen
Hirtshals ·+45 98 94 17 89

Remember, if you come from Skiveren or Åbo Camping, Bunken, Tannishus, Skagenstrand, Råbjergmile, Sindal among others, that you must bring and turn in the bought tickets at our ticketing house upon arrival. The ticket must always have the stamp of the hotel or camping ground and must have the amount of adults and children written on it, or else the ticket will not be valid.

If you have a Smartbox gift certificate, simply bring it along to the ticketing house  (important: bring the actual Smartbox-case). Remember activating the code from home. It is not necessary to call us and order – just show up. Check our opening hours here.

If you are unable to get hold of us – send us an email at  We strive to provide an answer within 24 hours.

Eagleworld does not provide free access for care attendants or the like. You can however contact the Danish municipality you are affiliated with (Borgerservice) and potentially have your expenses covered. If you wish doing this after visiting, remember to keep your receipt.
We have special, advantageous prices for retirees above the age of 65. For further info see our prices.

The falconry displays at Eagleworld are always on the conditions of the animals.

The audience is visiting the birds on their territory, and this is also how the birds see it during a display. The birds fly freely above our seated guests, who on the contrary to the animals have a very limited space to stay within.

The bird is therefore free, and man is for a while wingclipped, which is the only way to get all individual birds of prey to accept large amounts of people gathered close to them at once.

They only fly, when their well known falconers are nearby. Therefore it would also be pure torture for the birds, if we were to drag hordes of people through their aviaries. This is where the birds know they have their own personal space, can remain calm and breed, rest and preen their feahers, and loads of strange people would cause them colossal stress and discomfort. It is comparable to if we were to accept hundreds of strangers wading through our bedroom on a daily basis.

No, this is not a service we offer. The birds of prey here at Eagleworld are large, special and each with their own personality and are not pets. Here at Eagleworld our view is that birds easily get stressed when strangers without knowledge of handling birds of prey and their behaviours are coupled. You do however have the option to try this out, but this takes place as part of a course held on Falkonergården in Fredensborg. Eagleworld does not have any planned courses for the moment.

Occasionally the nature in Denmark can get very dry, and in these periods the risk of forest- and wildfires increase. Smoking is therefore only allowed outside our café area by the marked ash tray cans for smokers. It is forbidden to smoke anywhere else on the premises.

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