The history of Eagleworld

The backgrond

The foundation of the natural reserve was laid by Arresø in Northern Zealand in 1970. Frank Wenzel studied and trained falcons and eagles, that he had brought into the country on his many journeys as a photographer for Dansk Kulturfilm and the publishing house Forlaget Munksgaard. Frank Wenzel had at this time excelled as being one of the first to successfully breed birds of prey in captivity – something he as a result of his backgrund as a photographer, could document. He already then stood as one of the leading specialists in the field of birds of prey, and he held lectures at the University of Copenhagen about his book “Hvepsevågen” (The Honey Buzzard) – exceptionally invited by Ragnar Spärck. Besides from this, Frank had made one of the first naturefilms for Danish television, also regarding the Honey Buzzard. BUY TICKETS HERE

The beginning of the reserve

In 1980 Frank wanted a place where the birds could get more wind through their wings. Therefore he took some of the leading ornithologists of the world in oath, and together they found a suitable place for Eagleworld by Skagen, where large expanses of forest, moorland and sea was abundant. The mission was to create a center for the reseach of birds of prey. A place, that worked for spreading awareness about the protection of and not least the respect for birds of prey. To begin with, Eagleworld was not thought as a place for audiences to visit.

The but 1 year old Gyrfalcons are trained (Falco rusticolus)

The reserve primarily started out with species of Nordic eagles and falcons. Apart from this Frank had bought some Imperial Eagles from Macedonia. When the reserve first saw its dawning, the respect for falcons and eagles was wanting; as these were often shot or held in captivity in their respective homelands.

The audiences are streaming in

Surprisingly many people showed an interest in the place. And seeing as Frank wanted to share his experiences and knowledge, the reserve opened for audiences on a set schedule, that naturally met with the daily rhythm of the birds. In the beginning only 10-15 people popped in occasionally, but as the rumour of this place started spreading, it didn't take long till 2000 visiters came during a single day. But the audiences was and still to this day visit fully on the conditions of the birds. This is why the area in which audiences can move about, is limited and on the contrary both the lands and skies are open without limitations to the birds. The birds of prey can freely choose if they want to surround themselves with the audiences, which must be counted as something quite opposite as is seen in traditional zoos and animal parks. This naturally puts a larger demand on the capabilities of our employees and their daily handling, as well as the trusting interaction between animal and man.

The reserve expands

In 2005 Eagleworld chose to expand with several species of eagles from all of the places in the world, in which eagles are found. The place needed renewal and Frank wanted to provide regular guests with new knowledge and new experiences. Frank strongly indicate that he doesn't wish to catalog the birds of prey, but that it all simply played together as the individual foreign eagles were ready to be transferred to live at Eagleworld. This is why you are now able to admire species of eagles from America, Siberia, China, Central Asia and Africa all at the same place.
In 2005 Eagleworld also built bleachers for the guests, securing audiences with the same great view of the falcons and eagles that are called down to them by a falconer during the display – and voluntarily allows itself to be admired.

35 years of respectful cooperation

Eagleworld celebrates its 35 year anniversary in 2015 and can proudly look back at a massive body of work, in the service of spreading awareness about the colossal impact birds of prey have had on mankind's cultural history, their physique and nature. Frank studied and lived with birds of prey in both the wild and at Eagleworld for a lifetime, and he is the number one specialist of bird of prey, knowing most about the many species of the world. This extensive knowledge he has passed on through Eagleworld, through his books and in his pictures and movies during his 60 year long career. Denmark is in fact the country in which the knowledge, respect and interest for birds of prey is strongest, so for Frank there is definitely much to celebrate in this anniversary year. Peter Frank Wenzel, the youngest of Frank Wenzel's son, took over Eagleworld in the summer of 2015. Read more here

“The National Park of Eagles”

With the new subtitle to Eagleworld, “The National Park of Eagles” the close to 40 years (2020) of Eagleworld's work regarding birds of prey, is marked. The venue can be described as Denmarks greatest natural attraction with far more than 1,5 million visitors.
National parks have become a concurrent theme in Denmark during recent years, not least for Eagleworld where it is defining as the eagle and the area fully live up to its name. The surrounding nature here is already protected in advance and will be the heart of a coming national park where the conveying of knowledge about nature and birds of prey, has a high priority.

Welcome to Eagleworld

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Opening hours

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